Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Differences and similarities

Micah and Patton are SO different.
Micah didn't take naps during the day until he was 7 months old, but slept through the night at 4 weeks.
Patton is the best nap taker ever. Yesterday he was whining, I asked him if he'd like to play or take a nap. He walked to his bed. Awe. He didn't sleep through the night until he was 13 months.
Micah played and still plays with his hair when he's tired. He also like tags.
Patton so far is content with his ear. Sometimes it's both ears.
Micah still doesn't understand "no." If he does, he ignores it most of the time.
All you have to do is tell Patton, "no sir," and he cries like it's the worst thing EVER.
Micah has a VERY high tolerance for pain. Sometimes I wonder if I'd ever know if he had a broken bone. Recently he got very moody, disrespectful, and mean. Sometimes Micah is not perfect, but this time he was almost unbearable. I kept asking him if anything hurt, his head, ears, tummy....nothing. I finally (after almost a week) decided that something must be wrong with him. I figured he had an ear infection. I was right. The Dr. said it looked like it had been infected for at least a week. It was bad. I felt AWFUL. I imagine he would have felt A LOT better, and a lot of my headaches could have been saved if I'd just taken him to the Dr.
Patton on the other hand, does show signs of pain. When he falls, bumps into something, closes his fingers in something.... you catch my drift.
Micah and Patton both Love music. Micah can hardly sleep without it. All you have to do is mention the word music to P and he starts dancing. He loves to dance. I do not play music for him to sleep to..... I think he'd probably dance the whole time instead of sleep :-)
Both of these boys can eat, and do. I'm sure that P could beat almost anyone in an eating contest. The boy loves food. Patton will eat almost anything, but so far he's not a fan of red meat. One of his favorites is pickles:-0 Micah, who used to eat anything has recently become more picky. His favorite right now is Subway and he will not even touch a pickle :-)
I am so happy that my boys are so different, I think it helps them get along. They LOVE each other and are the sweetest brothers. I hope they always love one another!