Monday, November 14, 2011

Random Happenings

One day I'm sure I'll remember to bring my car camera in the house and load the Halloween pics.... But for now (as long as our internet is working, it's been off and on.... mostly off for the past 2 weeks! AWFUL) I'll catch up on some random happenings. We discovered early on, Patton LOVES pickles. If given the choice of sandwich or a pickle, he'll eat the pickle first :-)
Micah is truly growing up fast. The other day he came into the room and showed me this. He grew a beard :-)
Stacy has been working on a custom job for about a month. He finally got a nice check for part of it. It made our bank account VERY happy for ONE day! Somehow Stacy got audited through his Worker's Comp.... I woke up one morning, check the bank account like I do every morning, and the money was GONE! :-( Needless to say I got busy rolling change.... Don't think it'll make a dent. Do you?
I LOVE the fall. And have 2 boys who love to be outside too. Last week I let Micah skip nap so that he could play outside and "help" me cut the grass and blow leaves. After the work, it was time to play.

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Daphne said...

Our bank has a machine that counts change with no fee. Even if you don't bank there. You just take your receipt to the teller and she gives you cash. Then you'd have to deposit it at your bank, so it might not be a big time saver for you. I know Micah would get a kick out of pouring the $$ in though.