Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Party

Like most people, Micah had this whole week off of school. They celebrated Thanksgiving there last week. When he was 3 he was a turkey, when he was 4 he was an Indian. At 5 he was a Pilgrim. He made a handsome pilgrim if I do say so myself.
They sang some songs, ate a nice big Thanksgiving feast, and then played HARD outside. I chatted with an old friend and time got away from me. We seriously had to run to our car after the party. Micah has begun going to Dr. Alexander for allergy treatments. Praying hard that it will make a difference. Praying hard for Micah in general.....
Micah was treated for eggs. For 25 hours he had to avoid eggs and anything made with eggs. He passed. The next treatment was for mold and fungus. Thinking that may have something to do with his constant drainage, we'll see. He is currently being treated for Calcium. This one, like eggs is very difficult.

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Cecilia said...

He did make a cute pilgrim. I hope they are able to figure out his allergies!