Friday, August 15, 2008

2 Year Old Pictures

Kiddie Kandids inside Babies R Us has to be one of my favorite places to go. We took Micah last night for his two year old pictures. They turned out wonderful! I love this place because you get your pictures 10 minutes after you choose them, they can even color in things. For example, if we took Micah to have his pictures taken and he had a scratch on his head, they use a cool thing on their computer that will color the scratch and make it appear to not be a scratch in the photo. I think it's the best thing EVER invented! next they need a tool that will open eyes! I tend to be an eye closer in photos. Enjoy the pictures! Which one is your favorite?


Jeremy and Laura McBryar: said...
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Jeremy and Laura McBryar: said...

I love the second picture. He looks like a stud.

Andrea Sims said...

I can't decide, they are all good as usual. We missed you at Family Swim. The water was so cold, but felt ok once we were in. We enjoyed subs and chips.