Sunday, August 17, 2008

Picture Day 2008

Our family took a trip to Athens yesterday for UGA Picture Day. Stacy showed up early to get a ticket for a picture with Mark Richt. They only gave out 250 tickets and we were lucky number 19! We met some of our friends at the stadium and hung out with them for a good bit of the day. The actual day consisted of waiting in line after line after line. Thank goodness for food, pacifiers, cool weather, and sleep. Micah was on his best behavior. The poor little man spent a lot of time in his stroller yesterday, but did a lot of running around as well. While meeting Mark Richt was Stacys and my favorite part of the day, Micah loved meeting Hairy. We got some great autographs and good pics as well. The countdown is on 13 more days! GOOOO DAWGS!!!

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Jeremy and Laura McBryar: said...

The first picture with his cute smile and chick-fil-a is by far the cutest picture... you didn't ask though. A teacher at my school also went and she got stuck in the quarterback line and didn't move. Then the people came around and cut off the line so it was a waste of her day.