Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Micah Man is Two!!

It seems like just yesterday we were bringing our little boy home from the hospital, and yesterday he turned 2! If you ask him how old his is though, he'll say 6. He is a bit small for a 6 year old, he's probably a bit small for a 2 year old....but man is he quick. Very rarely does he ever walk. He runs here and there all of the time. We hope that he'll be able to run like me (or like I used to be able to) one day. We celebrated Micah's birthday on Saturday. His party this year was a lot smaller than last year. We had a family only (with one friend) party. The theme this year was John Deere and I think everything turned out wonderful. The weather was beautiful, perfect for swimming and the company was great. Micah got all kinds of fun presents and they have been keeping him busy for the past few days. We are so thankful for the cool weather today. This morning we were able to be outside enjoying his outdoor toys.

Yesterday was Micah's actual Birthday so we let him choose what he wanted to do. He's been talking about "cheese" for over a week now, so we took him to Chuck E. Cheese's. We all had a blast! Micah rode rides and played games and had so much fun. We'll have to take him again, that's for sure!

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