Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh yeah, and the Owls

Our family has some interesting traditions, if your couldn't already tell. One is the passing of the owl. The owl has been in our family for as long as I can remember. It is very tacky to most people, but is very beautiful to us. When you recieve the owl, you receive good luck. You must hang the owl for others to see. You can only keep the owl in your house for one year....unless you cheat like Stacy and I did last year. We found some pseudo owls at a flea market. They are nothing like the original, but we thought maybe....just maybe we could make them pass as the original. Can you believe we only had to pay 50 cents!!?? Anyway, last year is when we had the pseudo owls, we gave them to the rents. Daddy DID NOT like them and wanted the original. I guess I forgot to give it to them :) For the 3rd Tuesday Clause I got the pseudo owls back. Daddy said that he didn't want to look at them any longer. Little did he know that now I had the chance to bless 2 families with owls. Since Micah was actually gifted the real owl in 2006 and kept it for an extra year, he got to choose who to give it to this year. He chose Aunt D. I hated to Nut and Jerms to feel left out so they got the fake ones! Here are the proud owners for this year. What kinds of traditions does your family have?

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Andrea Sims said...

Lots of fun. I'm so glad those old owls are out of my house. Not lucky for me this year.