Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vacation Part One

My dear Aunt Martha invited us to her summer home this year. We LOVE to visit Cape Vincent New York and jumped at the chance to go. The Cape is in Upstate New York, right across the river (St. Lawrence) from Canada. It is beautiful! This year Mama and Daddy couldn't go (due to Daddy's ongoing kidney problems) but Laura hitched a ride with us. She was quite helpful with Micah during the 17 hour drive. Micah actually did GREAT! I was very pleased.

Martha and Brett actually own 2 homes in the cape. One is a historical home called "The Stone House."

The second home is called the "Johnston house," because at one time the Johnston's lived there. The Johnston family used to own a lot of land in the Cape and one of the Johnston's married the owner of The Stone House. We stayed in the Johnston house along with with Laura's in-laws.

We had a great time with Ce Ce and Mr. Jeff. Micah loved them. We were away from home for a total of 11 days and it only felt like a few. We had a ton of fun. When we finally arrived to the Cape the temperature was a bit chilly. I am not one to get cold very easily, but even I put on a jacket a couple of times during the trip. Here are a couple of pictures of my boys in jackets the first night there.

Hannah hired Micah to work at her store this year. He worked for a couple of days and then his account was closed. The money at Hannah's store is clam shells, and I'll have to show you the beautiful ring that I bought (won) this year. Here they are working at the store.

The Views from the back yard is just Amazing, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to have a view like this every night.

I'll have to make this into several blogs but I'll go ahead and tell you that this trip was filled with Fun, a French Festival, a farm, a fair, and Niagara Falls.
Stay tuned for more fun and excitement!

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