Friday, July 31, 2009

And our Vacation comes to an end...

So Sorry for the delay. Let's finish up vacation. The next to last day in the Cape was quite a chilly day. We had planned to go to the fair, but thought it was too cold (crazy to think that it's too cold in July...but it was) In the morning Ms. Martha, Hannah, Stacy and I decided to go to the Aqua Zoo. It's a little building with all kinds of fish, reptiles, and sea creatures. My favorites were the turtles and the alligator. Micah loved the clown fish. We had a lot of fun.

The very last day we spent relaxing at the house. I paid Hannah to stay with Micah while he napped and we had our very last river day. Stacy paddle boated, I sat in the water in a chair while Martha and Laura worked hard on making a "Weed Man." (Kind of like a snowman, except he's made with seaweed) Isn't he cute?

It was a beautiful day! Have I said how much I Just Love the Cape yet? The last night that we were there we went to the fair. We have yet to take Micah to the Gwinnett County Fair, but he's been to the Jefferson County Fair twice. The last time he went he wasn't even one, so needless to say, this time he rode more rides.

We all played the water shooter game.....Ms. Martha won. (Ignore my stance!)

Micah went fishing and chose his own prize!

Some of the rides that Micah rode required someone to ride with him....He was right at the measurement line. He rode some with Hannah and had a Blast.

But what cracks me up still is the sight of Nut riding in the Little bitty car all crammed in the back seat!! LOL It was a hoot!

Hannah had her choice of riding partners this year. Laura was afraid she'd be sick, so she chose not to ride. I went into a couple of the fun houses with her....But STACY was the lucky one to ride Pharaoh's Fury with her. She was so excited before the ride began, but look at her poor face during the ride. Poor Thing!

We loved our trip and THANK YOU SO MUCH MS. MARTHA for letting us come.

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Michelle said...

Love all the photos..where can I get a "weed man" of my own???