Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vacation Part Two/ Burn

Believe it or not, I had this whole next post finished and ready to post on Sunday night, then the computer froze and lost half of my hard here's the shorter version. I didn't ever mention our awfulness on our way back home, I thought I'd hold off until I got to day 11, but it can't wait. On our way back home we stopped in VA to sleep. The next morning we we all up and had ironed our clothes and we getting ready to leave when Micah Burned himself on the iron. Somehow (not sure how it happened still) he bumped into the ironing board and the iron fell off and burned him pretty bad! He never cried, he just looked sad. I'll make this sad sad story short and say that we ended up stopping at a gas station to buy some burn ointment. His arm bubbled up fast, and popped fast too. He hardly complained at all. We kept medicine on it 3 times a day. Yesterday I went to Pa-Paw's to help Mama in the garden and Micah rubbed the burn onto the side of the Gator, it pulled the raw skin off (so sorry if I'm making you sick) and it bled. It was awful, but it was even more awful when wee tried to take the bandage off this morning and it was STUCK! We ended up taking The Man to the doctor where we were told it was 2nd degree burn and that if we "had taken him to the hospital they would have given him a narcotic before removing the gauze. He is SO brave, but is in a good bit of pain still. Here's a pic of it the day that it happened, I'll try to not post the new pic, it will gross you out for sure!!

Now, back to the fun and excitement! There were a total of 11 days that we were away from home. Days one and two were spent on the road. Day three was shopping in the morning and fun in the sun in the afternoon. We had a wonderful time outside playing ball, running off 2 days worth of stored up energy, and playing in the river. The weather was Perfect!

Day four was so fun! We spent the morning at Old McDonald's Farm. We had a blast. We saw goats, cows, rabbits, chickens, alpaca, (my favorite) reindeer, you name it, we probably saw it. Micah LOVED feeding the goats more than anything. He just hugged them, and followed them. He was so cute. Beware, there are a ton of pictures, I had a Hard time narrowing it down!

The evening of day four we played a softball game. We had a BLAST! Ms. Martha was all time catcher while Laura and I played against Hannah and Stacy. The game ended in a 10- 10 tie and a couple of injuries. Hannah some how twisted her knee and was in pain, and while I was pitching, Stacy hit the ball line drive into my THIGH! It was quite painful to say the least. While we were in the cape we purchased Micah a t-ball set and he enjoyed playing ball too. Look at the future star...(although he'll probably play football...GOOO Dawgs)

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Jeremy and Laura McBryar said...

I am sad about Micah's arm- the new addition to the story. That's awful!