Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Picture and Punky Doodle Day

After having 2 days off of school this week due to flooding Micah and I were so ready for him to go back!! Today was school picture day. As I was dropping him off I saw a sign saying that the Little Acres Farm trip had been rescheduled for today. It had been delayed since last Wednesday when the rain began. The farm has been coming to the school for 20+ years bringing horses for the children to care for and ride. Punky Doodle is a 27 year old horse that has been coming for a LONG time, even my little sister Laura rode him! Well, the sad story is that Punky Doodle is retiring after this year. But isn't it fun that Laura and Micah both got to enjoy him? BTW Laura is 25!! Well my big plans that I had for today as my only morning off were quickly erased as knew that I really wanted to see Micah with Punky Doodle, so I spent my morning at the school. It was fun to see him with his class and see the children that he talks about.
Micah has ridden several horses, so Punky Doodle wasn't his first, but he sure did enjoy himself. He brushed him, kissed him, fed him, rode him, and kissed him again!

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Cecilia said...

What a fun memory for Laura and Micah to share!