Monday, September 14, 2009

The love of school

Micah Loves school. He is excited to go, and always asks to stay late. He'd prefer to eat lunch there, take a nap there, maybe even live there. There are 18 children in his class and he goes 3 days a week for 3 hours a day. Again, he'd prefer to go everyday, but my pocket wouldn't like that! He Loves Mrs. Scott (his teacher) Last week he learned the bible verse was Psalm 139:14 I am beautifully (fearfully) and wonderfully made. During the month of December they are learning colors and talking about animals. Two weeks ago they talked about family and friends and made a book. In the book were questions like his parents names, he got those correct. Ages, he said that I was 4 and Stacy was 8. Jobs, he said that I cook, and Stacy works on cabinets. What we like to do, he said I like to play and Eat Cake!!! Crazy!! I do not! Stacy likes to play trucks. He is so funny! Some funny things that Micah has said recently...
- On a trip to Kroger he got so excited when we were in the dried fruit section "I want some of those chocolatey beans" Yogurt raisins :)
- To Mrs. Scott last week "I haven't had food in a looonnnngggg time." Mrs. Scott said we just had apples for snack, to which he responded, "that's not food." (He wanted a meal, not a snack)
-Praying at night "Help me to stay in my bed for just a little bit...."
- At Daddy's birthday last weekend "This is the best birthday party ever!"
- While Stacy was driving the car "Daddy you're making me sick of a dog."
- When he's hungry he says "My tummy's hungry it's saying (and he growls) I want some food."
I'm sure there will be more soon :)

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