Thursday, September 17, 2009

Poor Kitties

Stacy and Micah went to The Home Depot and to Target the other night. In the truck between the two stores Micah decided to call his kitties (there are 3 of them.... Binga, Flower and Big Kitty.... They are pretend) Anyway he told the kitties that he was going into Target and that he would call them back when he was finished shopping. Stacy and Micah did their shopping and returned to the truck. Micah remembered to call his kitties back and all Stacy heard was "" Stacy asked what was wrong and Micah told Stacy that his kitties had been hit. Apparently, the story goes like this.... His kitties were shopping at Target too and were getting ready to leave (they drive a pink car) and they got hit by another car in the parking lot. But "don't worry, they're okay. " Isn't he a hoot? :)

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Josh and Donna said...

so glad the kittens were not harmed in the making of that story!