Thursday, December 3, 2009

I can't wait to loose weight

I have by NO means ever been a small person, (well maybe when I was younger than 3rd grade) Anyway, I didn't think I was small when I got married, but I was okay with my size. Now when I look back at wedding pictures, I feel awful. I have gained a lot of weight. I know that carrying that little boy in my belly for 9 months changed a lot of things about me, but it's been 3 years. I am so ready to feel good about myself again!!
Stacy and I had a gym membership up until July of this year when we did our annual 4th of July event, we opted to go to New York with our money instead of renewing our membership. Needless to say we've not been working out for 5 months, and I can feel it! I NEED a gym membership, I Need to pay up front (not only for the discount, but so that I'll go and not make excuses about not having the money) Well one of the things that Stacy and I just did was renew our membership. My goal and plan is to go M-W while Micah is at school and hopefully Friday and either Saturday or Sunday. We joined on Sunday afternoon, Stacy was off on Monday, so we were able to work out together. I enjoy having a workout partner. Tuesday and Wednesday I went as well. This week I didn't go to Target, or the mall, or Publix, but I also didn't accomplish anything at home either while Micah was schooling. I already am feeling better, I wish I was running now, the only down side to Anytime Fitness is there's no one to watch children.
A lot of people don't don't like to exercise, and think that it's awful. I enjoy it and can't wait to loose weight!!

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