Saturday, July 17, 2010

Family Fun

I'm pretty sure that I shared that my doctor didn't think it was a good idea to go to New York this year. I'm pretty sure I shared that I cried. Well, after having such a rough several months, I knew that I was in major Need of a vacation. Mama, Daddy, and Nut went on an East Coast Tour. They drove all the way up the coast and back down, stopping at tourist sites along the way. Although I know that would have been fun, I knew that if I couldn't go to New York, then that was out of the question. The plan was for them to stop in Charleston on their way back, and have the rest of the family meet there for some fun. The plan was to leave on Wednesday and return on Friday. Short trip, five hours away didn't seem like a bad idea. Originally I had a Dr. appt on Wednesday. I got it changed to Tuesday, so that we could leave early in the morning. Daddy made me promise to ask the Dr if I could go. I knew what he would say and I REALLY didn't want to ask him. I need a vacation! Long story short, I asked him, he said I couldn't (shouldn't) go. I cried again. I understand why he said no, but I still have probably 6 weeks... maybe 5. He told me that I could go on vacation in 8 weeks. That made me laugh. There is no way in the world that I'm taking a 2 week old baby on vacation. Who would enjoy that? Anyway, we were stuck at home. Stacy was off of work, so I thought we should try to do something fun.
On Wednesday morning we went to the free movie at the mall. This week it was Veggie Tales Pirates who don 't do anything. It was very good. We all enjoyed it, Stacy even bought Micah popcorn which absolutely made his day. After the movie Micah wanted to go to The Apple Store. We let him choose lunch and enjoyed The Atlanta Bread Company. After lunch we went to Party City and let him choose his birthday supplies. I can't believe that in less than a month our little boy will be FOUR! Wednesday turned out to be a great day.
Thursday we went to the Georgia Aquarium. Micah was So excited. Stacy has been wanting to go for a long time, but I wanted to wait until Micah could really appreciate it.

The very first thing that we did once inside was pet the stingrays. Stacy and Micah petted them for a while before I actually got up the nerve to touch one. It gave me the hebbie jebbies and I didn't touch another thing while we were there.

My favorite was the Beluga whales. I love how big they were. I could have watched them for a long time.

Stacy's favorite were the otters. They were so cute, but so were the penguins. Stacy also liked the Grouper. Look at the size of that thing!

We had a great time at the aquarium, but either didn't stay long enough, or stayed too long. We had plans to go to The Spaghetti Warehouse, and sit in the train for lunch, but we ended up eating lunch at the aquarium. We were so tired we left that there was no way in the world we could think about wasting 3+ hours in Atlanta. So we headed home. We ended our day at Scoops, because who turns down ice cream on a hot hot summer day?
Speaking of ice cream, that's how we spent our Friday. We went to Mayfield Dairy and took the tour. Never in the world would I have thought that it would be as crowded as is was. We had a great time anyway and enjoyed a cool treat afterwards. Can you tell I'm pregnant or what?


Jason and Pamela said...

I feel your pain of no vacation...although we'll get one just not now (we planned ours for August this year...what were we thinking??). At least you're having fun around home, but I'm sure it's not quite the same. Enjoy all the ice cream you want!!!

Cecilia said...

That stinks, at least you were able to make the most of things around Atlanta. Since we moved away six years ago, our trips are always to visit family. I made my hubby promise that next year we were going to go on a trip to the beach, so I feel your pain.