Thursday, July 29, 2010

Such an Exciting day!!

It's been almost a week, but I had a very exciting day last Saturday. Although we were Given a beautiful crib and chest of drawers, I kept wondering where I would change the baby. Micah had a long low dresser which I loved and I have a hard time thinking about spending $100+ on a changing table that's not even real wood. Maybe it's just me, but what else can you use it for other than changing diapers? In our house we need as much storage space as possible, so I REALLY wanted another low dresser, but had a hard time thinking it was going to cost $400 or $500 for a good piece (real wood). Last Saturday we went furniture shopping. I had already done extensive researching online, but furniture is something I prefer to see before I purchase, so that's why we went. We went to Rooms to Go, which is not by all means my favorite at all, but I thought maybe they would be a little more affordable. I couldn't find a thing that I liked. We went to Babies R Us. I was sure that I could find something there, but I couldn't. I remembered that Micah's bedroom suite came from Baby Depot and thought we should try there. We looked at all of the furniture and then Stacy, Sweet Stacy spotted a Big Clearance sign. We went over and found the PERFECT dresser. It was originally marked at $400! It had been through a couple of markdowns and the lowest sticker was for under $200!! I found an employee to find out if that clearance price was only for the floor model (which was scratched) or if it was the price for anything in stock. I was told it was for all of the pieces that were left. I was EXCITED!! He wrote out the paper and we went to pay. The problem was the dresser rang up as $400. Long story short, the employee told me wrong. The price SHOULD have been for the floor model only, but after 30 minutes of discussion. I was sold the dresser at the price I had been told. PLUS an employee had given me a coupon for an EXTRA 20% off!! I ended up paying $165 including tax for a real wood dresser that matches the crib and chest PERFECTLY!! I still can't get over how lucky we got. I am so happy with how the room looks now. What do you think? Aprox 3 weeks and we'll have a baby to enjoy this room :)


Amie Kirk said...

Wow! I am impressed!! I will have to take you shopping with me! The room looks awesome! I know you are so ready to meet your new little man.

Cecilia said...

I may have to kidnap you when we need baby furniture one day ;). That is awesome!