Thursday, July 1, 2010


For those of you who do not know, we do share the gender of our babies, but choose NOT to share the baby's name. Not only do I think that some things should remain a surprise, but I also don't like all of the comments (mostly negative) that go along with sharing names ahead of time. Everyone has their own opinion, but in the end Stacy and I choose the child's name. I really like the name that has been chosen for this squirmy wormy in my belly. While I was sick, Stacy came up with it. And since I got to choose Micah's name, I had no problem with letting him choose this one, because like I said I really really like it! With Micah, we only shared the initials before he was born with one friend who wanted to get him something monogramed. This time around, everyone is allowed to know the initials, and I think that it's real fun to hear people guess what the name is. We've heard Piggy Back, Plumber boy, Peanut Butter... the list goes on and on. Before Micah was born I had everyone in my family guess what his name would be just for kicks. I plan to do the same thing this time around. We'll see what kinds of guesses we'll get. What's your guess?
I have an aunt who I mention a lot, Ms. Martha. She is wonderful. One day a couple of months ago, she called. She told me that she was having to clean out a closet and found her daughter's baby furniture and wondered if I wanted to sell it at a yard sale, or HAVE IT!!! She made my day!! I could have cared less what it looked like, I was excited to save several hundred dollars! When we picked up the furniture, I was even more excited to see how beautiful it was. When we put it together and set it up in PBR's room last weekend, I LOVED it even more.
I am so happy with our bedding too. I had it narrowed down to 3 sets that I really liked. Stacy said that one was a little girly, so we went with this one. I love the colors and think that it will be much more soothing than Micah's Georgia Bulldog room. Stacy is already afraid that PBR won't be a UGA fan since he won't see Red All of the time, but I'm sure he'll turn out alright :) Here's some pics of the completed room minus a changing table/ dresser..... I'm on the lookout. Feel free to let me know if you see any for sale :)


Theresa said...

Love the colors!! PBR.....hmmmm, Wes just walked up behind me and said, "Pretty Boy Ricky". Geez, men. Now he just suggested "Paco Barack Robinson." I am going to go with Peyton Bailey Robinson.

Cecilia said...

Beautiful nursery! Can't wait to hear what PBR stands for, I'm sure it will be perfect.

lindsay said...

PBR...hmmm this is a fun game. I thinks it's Paul Bunyan:) I'm sure your name is wonderful.

nLk said...

fun game, but no guesses :) can't wait to hear what it is!!