Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day, First Real Swim, and Jerms

Monday was a fun day. We began our day bright and early by headed to the Memorial Day Parade. We got there the same time we normally get there, but the 5K was still going on. Apparently they had some Really slow people this year. We sat in traffic and sat in traffic. We finally were able to drive and made it in time to sit in our regular place. Nut didn't come this year, but the Rent's and Ms. Martha and Hannah did. I told my friend Courtney about it and she and her fam came. Patton got to see Jack.
The parade began and it was HOT! Stacy and Patton found a shady spot under a tree and spent most of the time there. Micah got more candy than he's ever gotten..... Even more than Halloween :) We had fun despite the heat. We hung at the festival for a few before heading to Sonny's.
After a delicious lunch we headed to the pool to cool off.
This was Patton's first time in the real pool. He didn't know what to think at first.
But then he got used to it. He had a blast splashing all over the place.

Here's Patton's pruney foot after being in the pool. Isn it not the coolest pic!? Thank you Ms. Martha! I love it!
We ended the day by celebrating Jerms' 28th birthday. We all went in together and got him a GoPro, it's a cool little thing :)
Fun times :) There are sevreal more new blogs below. Enjoy!

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