Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY!

Back in the spring I learned about a special that Zoo Atlanta had through the library. Stacy was off several days this week, so I tracked down a library that didn't let the DVD leave the premises. We went on Tuesday, got a new card, and watched the movie. It was all of 22 minutes. And as easy as that, we got our pass. I had heard that today was supposed to be somewhat cooler than it has been, so we planned to go to the zoo today. We've had spotty showers recently but decided to take a chance and go anyway. We got there about 10 and it was raining lightly. We took in our umbrellas but ended up buying ponchos because it was easier. Our first stop were the flamingos. Micah was So excited.

Side note. As a child, the zoo was not my idea of fun at all. Maybe when I was Micah's age I enjoyed it, but there is a picture of me on my last trip to the zoo.... It shows a very pouty Miriam. I DID NOT want to be there at all. I was in the middle school. Me and the sisters were given the choice of the zoo or Six Flags, and we ended up at the zoo. I was so upset. Mama says that we ended up going to Six Flags another day, but that sad day just left me not loving the zoo. I have never been one to enjoy learning trips until the past 10 or so years. And since Micah was born, I think more about his enjoyment that my own. We've thought about going to the zoo for several years now, but I really wanted him to be able to enjoy it. And now that he's old enough to enjoy things, I mean REALLY enjoy things like the zoo, water parks, etc. we have a baby too...... So that limits us to some extent. Anyway, back to our day. We had a BLAST! We saw all of the animals minus the rhino and the lion who were bothe hiding. Stacy and I both loved the gorillas the most. The little ones were the cutest things. They were rough housing, and one walked away from the other, and sat down and folded his arms, then he hoped up and went right back at the other one. I laughed out loud. They were funny.

Micah enjoyed most all of the things that we saw, but got real excited when he saw a "real zebra," and said, "that's the monkeys that I wanted to see," when we saw the orangutans :) We had a great time. Micah fed the exotic birds, and petted and brushed animals and before we knew it it was after lunch. About an 45 minutes into our walk, the drizzle and by the time we were leaving, the sun was shinning. It was a Perfect day for the zoo!

The last time that we tried to go to the zoo we ended up having lunch at The Flying Biscuit Cafe. This time I thought it would be fun to go again since we were so close. Aparently there are several within a short distance of the zoo, because we ended up at a different one this time. It was delicious as expected, even better this time because I could eat whatever I wanted to. Oh man, those grits were yummy! It was probably close to 2:00 when we finally ate lunch. Micah was SO excited that he AGAIN missed nap time, but after about 10 minutes in the car this is what I saw.

Since we had such a trafficy ride home, I had a lot of time to think, and my thinking led us to Scoops. What a wonderful ending to a wonderful day!


Kelly Ford said...

You MUST Tell me which library doesnt let it leave the premises so we can go watch it pronto! We are DYING to find some free things to do w/ Rhyan (since i'm home NOT making money! haha).

Fun times!!!

Jeremy and Laura McBryar said...

Awe, it looks like you guys had fun. When we went in the fall, the gorillas were our favorite too. We got to see them catch and eat apples and it was pretty impressive.