Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vacation..... The beginning

We headed to Gulf Shores last Friday for a long Labor Day weekend. I haven't had any sort of vacation in 2 years, so this was more than a treat for me. Stacy had to work, so the boys and I rode with the rent's and Stacy met us there. Ms. Martha, Hannah, Nut and her friend came too. We arrived at supper time. After a real fast trip to the beach we unloaded our bags as fast as we could, then the rain hit!
Some people were tired of being in the car all day, but some people wanted to go out to eat. I was one of the ones to go out to eat. We had Shrimp Basket. Since none of us had ever been to Gulf Shores before, I asked people where we should go before leaving. Shrimp Basket made it on the list and was very close to our house. It was pretty good. I thought it was a little bit strange that there was No wait at all for a Friday night, but due to Tropical Storm Lee, I think a lot of people cancelled their vacations. By the time we left though, there was a nice wait. By the time we got back to the house, it was time to get little people in bed. It was late, WINDY and everyone was tired. We had a little time for "technology" while each taking turns going outside feeling the wind :-)
"Hurricane Hannah"
There was no way in the world that I could stay awake to see Nut and her friend arrive. I had to sleep to enjoy the next day.
The first thing Saturday morning it was not raining. We ran out to enjoy the beach for a few minutes before getting chased back inside.
We found a crab and Laura made a crab sandwich. As we waited on the rain to stop/ slow down, we enjoyed some more "technology" this time including The Weather Channel looking for approaching tornados.
Even Patton joined in this time :-)
The rain tapered off and we were able to go out and enjoy the beach. It was nice because it was not crowded at all. The waves were HUGE. The tv said they were 10 feet! Although it was not safe to go in very far at all. They people who did get in had a blast!

After we spent time at the beach we headed to the pool. It was a little pool, but it was nice for those of us that like the look of the ocean, but do not like to swim in it.
We swam until lunch time. After lunch, we all showered and headed to see what kind of things we could do. The rent's along with Nut and Jana went to the Welcome center, while we headed to Sweetie Pies with Ms. Martha and Hannah. Stacy and Hannah both ordered a slice of chocolate cream pie.... take a look at that!!
While Ms. Martha and Micah got cookies!!! (I got a chocolate chocolate cupcake) Yummy!
After our mid day snack we headed to the book store. It's a good thing we chose a store that everyone loved because we got caught in yet another down pour. We had a great time. Purchased a lot, but played a lot too :-)
We then loaded up and headed to a souvenir shop. Yet another fun time had by all!! We found a pirate, need I say more....

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