Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School!!!

Due to Micah's late birthday we decided to hold him back a year. I'm sure that we have made the best decision for him. He is smart, but not as mature as some..... I am SO thankful that his school has a 5 day 5K. There are 15 children in his class this year. About half of those are returning kids. There are 10 boys and 5 girls though, Poor Mrs. Mason! Although everyone else went back to school 3 weeks ago, Micah and I had an extra three weeks to enjoy each other :) We swam, went to the mall, and played lots of legos. Micah was SO excited to go back to school. And we are both excited that he gets to have Mrs. Mason as a teacher this year!
So far this week he got to be on "Super Star" every day!! Hoping and praying for another good year!!

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