Tuesday, June 17, 2008

3 Minutes

That's the longest Micah can be alone without getting into something. He is very rarely ever by himself for this long....but when he is, he normally gets into something. Now this time wasn't anything like the computer chair/ bead accident, and he didn't "fix" my kitchen table this time, but it was still an event that needed to be shared. Today I left him in the kitchen for NO MORE than 3 minutes. He was happily eating a snack, and I needed to potty. So I told him that I'd be right back.... when I returned this is what I found
This is Micah with a guilty look on his face. He emptied ALL of the salt out of the salt shaker onto the kitchen table.


Matt and Kim said...

He is such a doll no matter how much trouble he gets in to!

Josh & Donna said...

looks like he's michevious, just like his mama!