Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Fun

This weekend was filled with lots of fun. Saturday was a very busy day for Party Jumps. We had 3 events at Stone Mountain and 1 at The International Horse Park. While Stacy and I worked hard, Micah enjoyed a fun filled day with Mam-ma. On Sunday morning Stacy's parent's came over to celebrate Father's day and then Micah and I took Stacy to Bugaboo Creek for lunch. Micah gave Stacy some candy, some saw horses, and an Apple Photo Book for Father's Day. Stacy LOVED the book and said it was the "BEST Father's Day Present Ever" and that it would be hard for Micah to beat it (as far as gifts go) Uh Oh! Micah isn't even 2 yet!! Later in the day we went to the rent's house to celebrate Father's day along with Christian and Ethan's Birthdays. I gave Daddy some Crocs and some of those push lights that are battery operated. We gave both of the boys clothes for their birthdays. I'll leave you with a couple of my favorite pics of the weekend

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