Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rocking Horses, Playgrounds, and a Cold

Today Sikes Rocking Horse Ranch (a daycare center) rented our cotton candy machine. Micah slept late (he has a cold) and as soon as he woke up, I fed him, dressed him, and we were out the door. We have had a week full of nothing! So, for him to get to go somewhere in the car was a treat! I told him that we were taking the cotton candy machine to Sikes Rocking Horse Ranch, and he got Very Excited! He started saying "rock rock rock" Then I had to explain to him that it wouldn't be anything like he was expecting, there would be no rocking. I told him that he would wait patiently for 5 minutes while I took in the machine and got a check. He had a great attitude about it and did great while I made my delivery. So great, that when we left I asked him if he'd like to go to the park. This too, excited him. It was nice this morning, not too hot, and a bit overcast. We enjoyed a trip to a little bitty park in the town of Carl. For about 20 minutes Micah ran, climbed, and played ball. He had a blast, but I could tell the little man was slap worn out. So home we came.

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Josh & Donna said...

i love the b-ball pic!