Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Late Valentine's Day

All of us Robinsons had a wonderful Valentine's Day this year. I'm aware that Valentine's Day is mostly just one of those Halmark Holidays, but if it's an excuse to give presents, go out to eat, and eat WAY TOO much....I'm in! Stacy had to work Saturday morning, so Micah and I played, baked and made the dreaded Wal-Mart trip.

When K B toys went out of business a couple of months ago, we stocked up on toys. I was able to use one as his "Christmas- Valentine presents." (As he called it) He LOVES trains and train tracks, so I gave him something to go along with his Thomas train set. He was so excited. He also is into stickers and lots of the time wants to play with my more expensive scrapping stickers, so I bought him several packs of cheap boy stickers. They kept him busy for a good bit of the morning.
Micah is at a strange stage in his life....I just wanted to take a normal picture of him for Valentines day and this is what I got.....
This year I had a very hard time deciding what to get Stacy....So I gave him several things. He got the new John Grisham book, Fireproof DVD, some cookies, and some giftcards to go out to eat (always helpful.) I got a wireless router!! I am most excited, now I am able to roam around the house with my computer and always have signal! YAY!!

I am most thankful that the McBryars don't celebrate Valentines Day because my dear sweet sister Laura called and offered to watch Micah until Mama finished working for the day. Any little bit of time was helpful. We dropped Micah at the Rent's with Nut at 4:20 made it to The Cheesecake Factory by 5:00....waited (shopped and mall walked) for 90 minutes and then ate the most Delicious food.

I always order the same thing...Crusted Chicken Romano (Yummy) I would not normally choose Cheesecake for a dessert...I prefer chocolate, but Who in the World would pass up a tasty morsel of goodness known as Snickers Cheesecake....Not I! It was yummy and delicious, and I'm already counting down the days until I can partake in such yumminess again :)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot....I am also now the driver of a van!! I never thought in a million years that I would have a van as my vehicle, but if the price is right, and you're making sure that your husband's truck stays running until it's paid off in 14 months....then no complaints! Thank you to Mama and Daddy for thinking of the Robinson's!! Here she is.....She'll need a new name though....any ideas?


Matt and Kim said...

I loved Fireproof!!! Sounds like ya'll had a great Valentine's day too!

Jeremy and Laura McBryar said...

Micah's face is so funny! That cracks me up! Your cheesecake looked yummy, it makes me want to have some now!