Thursday, February 5, 2009

Taste of Dacula Yumminess

Stacy, Micah, Laura, Jerms, and I attended the 3rd annual Taste of Dacula on Monday night. Daddy, my date since the first Taste wasn't able to attend this year due to work :( Anyway, I know that I always think that $10 is a lot to pay to walk around tasting food, but every year it is SO worth it. This year there were 36 food vendors. I ate more food on Monday night than I needed to eat for two whole days. I was STUFFED! Anyway, Daddy asked me to take notes on what was since I haven't blogged in a while, I thought I would share with all.
Best soup- The Field House (it was some kind of cheesey soup...I can't remember the name)
Best Ice cream- Ben and Jerry's (chocolate/ vanilla swirl with nuts) (too bad Scoops didn't have any Ice cream there! They're my all time favorite!!)
Best Mexican and my favorite of the night- Tie between Fernando's and Del Rio (they have the same owners, just different names...YUMMY)
Best Italian- Luigi's
Best Chinese- Rice Station
Best BBQ- Tim's Rib Joint
Best Cake- World's Delights and coffee
Best Wings- there were a lot to choose from but Digger's spicy ranch were delicious!
Needless to say that I've been Slimfasting since Monday :)

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