Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 2

Well, let me begin with a follow up from yesterday after nap time. I found Micah in his room after his nap going comando.....No diaper, no underwear....He decided to sleep in shorts only. Needless to say his sheets were wet. The good news was, nothing else in his room was wet other than most everything on his bed. Yesterday the total number of accidents was 4!!! Not bad at all if you ask me....He actually used the potty well over 12 times (Lots of juice) Only one of Micah's accidents yesterday was on the carpet, all of the others were in the chair during meal times (so not too messy.)
Today has been the opposite. So far Micah has had 3 accidents, the first one happened when I had to answer a moonwalk call, he snuck (sneaked?) in the garage, (I forgot to child lock the door) climbed into my car, (again, I forgot to lock it) and he wet MY seat!! I didn't get angry, I cleaned it up and we went about our morning.....with 2 more accidents to follow....both in the playroom (carpet) Yesterday, Micah was all about going to the potty and getting treats, today has been quite different. He has been asking to leave the house all day. I've tried to explain to him that we're potty training, and that we're not going anywhere until he gets the hang of this. I guess the little man takes after me. Too much time at home and we get stir crazy. Let's see what this afternoon and tomorrow bring.....I hope to be done soon :)