Monday, March 16, 2009

Potty Training Day One

My dear cousin Emily, has a son that is just a little younger than Micah and she sent me some VERY helpful potty training information. I've been putting potty training off for long enough, I would LOVE for it to just happen, but it won't. So.... This is our official first day of hard core potty training. This is something that I was not looking forward to at all! I tried to pass the job off, but when no one accepted, I decided I'd deal with it. It's 1:30 and Micah has only had 3 accidents and has successfully pottied 6 times!! So far our day has been filled with juice, treats, and Underwear! Stay tuned for more (if you're interested.) Please keep us in your prayers as our day....week continues :) My goal is 3 days!! We'll see :)


Misti said...

Wahoo! You can do it!

Jeremy and Laura McBryar said...


Don't give up!