Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 3

I'll pick up after nap time yesterday.....Micah woke up dry! Hip Hip Hooray!! We had a wonderful afternoon, he didn't even have one accident! We even had a man come over to talk with us about an addition to our house. I was very worried that it would mess everything up, it didn't. Micah did great! As of today he's only had 1 accident, that's less than yesterday, so we're moving along. I have been SO stressed about this whole ordeal and beginning to potty train was a Huge step, but I am SO proud of Micah. He's been doing great!! Hopefully we'll even be able to leave the house soon with no worries. (I'll pack an emergency bag of clothes.....Just in case :)


Matt and Kim said...

Way to go Micah!

Kelly Ford said...

Yay, Micah!!! I know its a big relief that this is working! :-) Keep it up!