Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ice Cream and Last Blast Luau

My dear cousin Hannah has been wanting to have a Luau for her birthday party. We planned on having a surprise party, but her party was rained out. The following week we had a surprise party (Ice cream Social) for Daphne's 32nd Birthday.
We had SO much ice cream and ice cream toppings, we would have had enough for the whole neighborhood. We had fun celebrating Daphne and all pitched in and got her an ipod.
Hannah's party had to be delayed but one more week. We had SO much fun, she had one of the coolest cakes ever.
We ate, played the limbo, and even swam one last time before the closing of the pool.
Wasn't Stacy cute? Make sure to read the post below, and I think that I'm caught up for now.... There'll be more fun soon. Stay tuned :)

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