Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fair Fun

I am a little behind on blogging again due to hard drive space, but Major Thank you to Jerms who has helped me tonight to download the last of my pics... for now anyway:)
Our little family went to the fair several weeks ago. We Love the fair. We have taken Micah to the fair twice in New York, but this was his very first trip to the Gwinnett County fair. He is finally old enough and Tall enough to be able to enjoy the rides and not just the Carousel. We were at the fair waiting on the gates to open. I love everything about the fair, the sights, sounds, smells, everything other than the workers :) They totally freak me out! Obviously they do not bother Stacy very much because he played darts for a while to win Micah his very own Nemo :)
Micah loves this fish, and it's a good thing... he wasn't cheap! Here are just a couple more of my favorite pics of the day.

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Cecilia said...

Too fun! I remember when the fair was the thing to do growing up. And who can say no to funnel cake =)