Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Trip #1

Last Friday it was SO nice during the morning that I decided to invite the Fam to Washington Farms. Our family has gone every year since Micah was born. Sometimes it it SO hot, sometimes it's comfortable, but this year it was nice during the day and was COLD in the afternoon and at night. This year Daph and her whole clan minus Cary got to come. Daddy came along with Mama this year, and Martha and Hannah came too! Nut and Jerms already had plans so they had to miss out, we'll probably go back since this trip got cut short due to time and temperature. We had so much fun. Look how tall Micah is!!
Daph and Fam
Goat Petting
Chicken chasing
Cow train
Scarecrow loving



Man it sure is cold!!

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