Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Party

At registration dear Mrs. Scott asked me to be a room mom. I have NO problem with that. One other girl signed up, so I knew that I wouldn't have to do everything myself. I kept thinking how much I wish I could help plan the party, but also be a bystander who gets to take pictures of all of the fun. Next time I'll have to bring some extra hands and eyes :) This morning was our very first parent planned party. We had several crafts, games, food, and the kids even got to decorate sugar cookies. We had a great turn out as far as parents go and everyone had a lot of fun. I only got a little stressed, okay, I hardly have any finger nails left. I said that my craft would be picture frames. I planned on ordering some really cute ones from Oriental Trading for $.50 a piece, with FREE shipping, but by the time the party was actually planned and I went to order the frames, I would have had to pay $30 to get them here in time for the party!!! Needless to say, the pictures have already been taken, I STILL am in charge of picture frames. Hmmmm I went to Hobby Lobby, one of my favorites, and left with NOTHING. Went to Michael's and ended up buying $1 frames, and some foam sticker to decorate them with. The price came to like $1.50 a person! That's a lot when we only requested $5 total per per for Everything. So I came up with a new idea. Popsicle sticks and the foam stickers....they turned out really cute believe it or not. We had a whole lot of fun! I am sad that I didn't get pictures of the actual party taking place, maybe another mom will be willing to share. I met some really nice people today, I just LOVE Micah's class! Here are a couple of pics of My little Monkey.... BTW apparently I missed out, Spider Man is the thing to be this year....there were 3 in his class, including a girl :) Maybe next year he'll have a choice :)

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Jeremy and Laura McBryar said...

Sweet Maggie!

I bet the picture frames are cute!