Sunday, August 1, 2010

Micah's FOUR!

I CAN NOT believe that Micah is four years old!! I feel like so far, this been the best year of his life by far. I think that starting school was a huge thing. The past year has been full of excitement. After one month of school Micah got sick, and stayed sick with a cold for the majority of the school year. He went through allergy testing only to find out he wasn't allergic to anything that a 3 year old can be tested for (with pricks). We had multiple visits to an ENT and he went through many antibiotics, the poor boy Always had a running nose. The conclusion was it could be that his adenoids were small, and we Could have them removed. The all ended and in maybe March? I was at that point still very sick and couldn't even think straight. We never made a final decision whether or not to have hie adenoids removed, because all of a sudden he got better! He has been well ever since until recently. I took him to the doctor because he had a nasty runny nose and a cough that didn't sound good. I was told the poor buy had a Double ear infection :(
*Micah is 4 years old, weighs 40 pounds, and is 40 inches :)
*Micah can say his ABCs and can recognize, type, and write most letters.
*He can count to 40, maybe higher.
*He asks questions ALL of the time and is constantly learning.
*This is the year that he discovered a love for TV. He was never a child that I could sit in front of the TV even just to vacuum, until this year. When I got sick he spent a good bit of time in front of the TV. He really likes to watch Curious George, Calliou, (my least favorite of any show) Wonder Pets, and Dora. He's recently discovered Sprout and loves it.
* He loves and is Great with anything Apple like the iphone, ipod, ipad, and laptop.
* His favorite color right now is orange
*His (imaginary) Kitties are still living with us and going strong. I hear different stories about them Every day!
*He has plans for his future. He now not only wants to be a fireman, but he now wants to open a restaurant in North Georgia he plans to name it "The Spicy Biscuit." I can't wait to eat there! Micah Loves to cook and I would not be surprised in the least if he became the next host on The Food Network :) (We can hope)
* Micah Loves to Go and had a really hard several months when I was sick and didn't go anywhere. He Loves to go to school, Publix, (Pugawix) Target, and the mall are some of his favorites.
*He can take care of himself Very well. He can make his own sandwich, bathe himself, dress himself, and wants really bad to brush his own teeth, but he's not ready for that. Thankfully he can now buckle himself in the car! This will be a wonderful thing in a couple of weeks :)
*His favorite game to play is Plants Vs. Zombies. He became a bit obsessed with it for a while, but he's gotten a lot better.
*He can ride his bike Very well, and we will probably try to remove the training wheels sometime soon.
*He Still loves to be outside and would live outside if it wasn't so hot, and somedays I might just let him :)
*He learned to swim all by himself this summer!
*He went to his very first movie at the theater.
*His birthday list consisted of Lincoln Logs, a REAL red motorcycle, an ipad, and traffic cones.
*He really wants to learn how to read, and this scares me a little bit :0
*He has just recently became what I consider a picky eater. Until recently, he's eaten nearly anything that was put in front of him. I do not cater to picky eaters, so he'll have to just deal.
There are probably a lot of things that I'm missing, but I'll add them for my own self whenever I think if things. We celebrated Micah's birthday two weekends ago and I'll update with pictures of that soon :) Until then, enjoy some of Micah through the years.

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