Monday, August 9, 2010

The Big 3 0

August seems to be the month for birthdays. I celebrated mine last week, Micah's and Laura's are both this week, and some time soon PBR will be making his appearance. For my birthday I got money, I'm saving for a new laptop, I also got itunes cards, and an otterbox for my phone. We celebrated with the fam on Sunday and had a great time. Stacy and I had planned on going out on a date, but ended up taking Micah along. We had Provino's for dinner, (of course) because you eat for free on your birthday. On Monday, sweet Ms. Martha invited us to dinner at Aomi. We had a delicious dinner and probably ate too much, but enjoyed the show and singing afterwards :) Enjoy some pics of the many desserts of Miriam minus the Provino's one :(

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