Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Playing Catch Up... Micah's First Day

There are several posts below this one. I am trying to play catch up before tomorrow:) This week is a busy one for our family. Micah began school on Monday! I was extremly excited when I got a call a couple of weeks ago telling me when his school began. I was thinking the didn't begin until after Labor Day. I was mistaken, and I'm happy about it! Micah missed school SO much. He was very happy to go back. When Mrs. Scott called me to talk about school she told me that she and Mrs. Boswell ( the 4 year old teacher) had talked about it, and both felt that Micah was ready to go into the 4 year old class. You all know this is something I've thought about a lot. My poor August baby! Anyway, after a lot of discussion we decided we'd try him out in 4 year old class room. We're ready to move him back down if we need to, but I don't think that we'll have to. Micah is very smart. I always wonder where he learns a lot of the things that he knows. I think he'll do fine, we'll hold him back later and deal with that when we need to. Meanwhile here he is on the first day with his sweet teacher Mrs. Boswell :)

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