Friday, October 1, 2010

Party Party Party and Party

I was beginning to feel real sorry for people in August because Micah, Patton, Nut, and I all celebrate birthdays. But then September rolled around, and I quickly realized that we have just as many birthdays to celebrate in September. We celebrated Hannah's early again this year, so now we get the whole month of October off, to save for Christmas presents :)
We began September celebrating Daddy. He first asked for Apple TV, then he decided he'd like a new Mac mini.... We ended up giving him money to let him buy whatever he wanted to. He's probably already spent it at Costco (his favorite store.) Here's my Daddy on his birthday, and my baby's daddy with his little football :)
Next came the celebration of Rowan. He was supposed to have a pool party like everyone else, but an awful storm came and his party was moved indoors. He is happy to be 3! (Begin to notice people's birthday/ cake posses :)
Next we celebrated Hannah. She was excited about all of her gifts!
For the last party of the month, we celebrated Daphne.
Here's Patton relaxing at the party.
Here are are the trouble making cousins together with their matching shirts that say "Caution May require supervision." Which is perfect for these two! I can't keep up with all of the things that they've gotten into, but most recently there was a flooded basement, and the inside of Mama's car was decorated with lipstick! Needless to say, when both of these boys are missing, something is bound to go wrong :) LOVE those boys!

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