Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Helen Trip

Although the last time we went to Helen was 4 years ago, as soon as we got there I remembered why I love it so. Here are just a couple of reasons.

Micah loved it. Being that since birth he has always been an outside boy, it was right up his alley. He probably could have spent several hours just throwing rocks into the river. It was a good thing that it was too cold for anyone to be tubing :)
This was Party Jumps first weekend off since the middle of summer, so I wanted to do something fun. I mentioned something to Stacy about Gold Rush, but we ended up in Helen instead. We were trying to figure out what was going on when we got into traffic at least 5+ miles outside of down town. It took us at least 30+ minutes to get into Helen. This wouldn't have been a big deal 4 years ago, but this time we had a little boy ask every 3 minutes, "are we almost to the fun place yet?" We didn't tell him where we were going, just that he was going to have fun. Oh yeah, we also had a "starving" not quite 2 month old :) When we finally turned the curve and Micah could finally see Helen he must have said, "I can't believe it!" a million times. He was So excited and we hadn't even gotten outside of the car. We finally ended up parking way down at Cool River Tubing, because parking was no where to be found. It was Packed! Come to find out it was all due to Oktober fest!
After Patton was fed, we began our trek downtown. We enjoyed people watching and going into little shops. (Note to self and anyone else who might care, most shops are not stroller friendly.... wear your baby) We went into the Christmas Store where we saw this Nutcracker. Micah loves nutcrackers :)
We went into our favorite store Hansel and Gretel and got to look at and smell delicious candies. Stacy chose his favorite "Chattahoochee Snappers" Aka turtles, and Micah chose a chocolate lightbulb sucker? At least he enjoyed every bite :)
After the candy break, we stopped by what Micah called the "picture fountain," before we headed back to the car. (BTW LOOK I'm wearing Real clothes!! Only 5 pounds to go until I'm at Patton's pre-pregnancy weight!) Still a long way from where I want to be, but still good if you ask me :)
When we got back to the car, everyone needed to take a little break and enjoy the river one last time before departing.


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nLk said...

ahh, i love helen! i felt like i got to go on a trip vicariously through you just now. i love tubing there and haven't been in so long. btw, i'm so impressed you're only 5 pounds from your pre-pregnancy weight!! that's gotta feel good, especially since i've heard it's harder to lose in second pregnancies.