Saturday, October 9, 2010

Frogs and Major Pain.... what is it?

Last weekend was fun and exciting to say the least. My dear sweet cousin Hannah got to stay with us a little bit last weekend. We had a lot of fun. We were planning on taking her and Micah to Faith Fest which is a festival put on by 104.7 The Fish in Winder last Saturday, but come to find out it was the same time as her school's festival. We decided to go there instead. She was SO excited she hadn't got to go since she was in the first grade. There were games, inflatables,



and best of all Prizes!! Hannah won TWO frogs! She was SOOO excited, look at all their loot :)
Here are my big man and my little bitty all tuckered out afterwards :)
All of this fun happened last Saturday. Last Friday I picked Hannah up from school and brought her to our house. We had plans to go with Nut and Jerms to dinner. Laura came when she finished school. We were just hanging out discussing where we'd eat while Micah and Hannah played outside enjoying the Wonderful fall weather when I began to feel an awful pain. It began almost in my chest and radiated to my back. It was awful. I couldn't sit down, at first all I could do was walk. Then Laura thought I should lie down. I had a very hard time breathing, it was easier to not breathe, than to have to breathe. I finally lay down and was still in major pain. I was sweating and couldn't get comfortable for anything. I finally took some medicine that they gave me in the hospital after having Patton. It was that bad. It lasted for 30-45 minutes and by the time it was over, my shirt was very wet, I was burning up. It had to be the worst pain I have ever been in next to giving birth. Although the AWFUL pain did go away on Friday night I had some more weird symptoms on Saturday. I ended up taking myself to an Urgent Care Place on Sunday. I'd love to hear what YOU think is wrong, I'll update soon on what they think it is. (NO guessing if you already know!!)


Misti said...

I don't know the answer, so I'm making a guess... your gall bladder? I had issues with mine for a long time, including a really bad attack when I was 16 wks pg w/ Jboy. I had it taken out 3 weeks after he was born.

Kelly Ford said...

gall bladder, hands down. I have issues w/ mine sometimes but we cant get tests to show that its bad enough to be taken out.
cant wait to find out! (sorry you're having problems... i just LOVE guessing about stuff! haha!).

Cecilia said...

I would guess liver or gallbladder too!

I love the new picture in the header by the way!