Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My last weekend

During the time that I spent at the rent's, I didn't do very much. I didn't feel like it. Near the end of my stay I began to finally like I could and should be doing things again. I knew that I had to get back to my life, so slowly but surely I started to do things. Saturday morning Stacy had promised Micah a trip to the park. They went to Target, bought him a bike helment and he was ready to go. I thought the walk might do my body good, but I tell you what I got pretty tired pretty quick. Micah had a blast! While walking on the trail Micah told me one of the saddest stories I've heard yet. He showed me a spot in the woods and told me that the other day his kitties had come to the park and they heard something in the woods. It was a dog. The dog came after the kitties and that mean old dog ate one of the kitty's paws off. The Firetruck was called, and the poor kitty was taken to the hospital where they gave it a black paw. So now, one of his kitties is all white with one back paw... So sad :( But what an imagination!

Here's my Sweet P in his spirit wear made especially for him by my dear friend Amie at Laffty Crafty. Here's Patton in his modeling debut. I LOVE Amy, and I LOVE this boy!!
Sunday was another beautiful day, a little cooler, but wonderful none the less. It was also $5 day at Zoo Atlanta. I knew Micah would LOVE the zoo, he's never been. The zoo is not one of my favorite places by all means. I have an awful childhood memory (very rare) of being told that we were going on a family trip to either Six Flags or the zoo. We ended up at the zoo. I pouted the whole time. Mama told me just that we did end up going to Six Flags on a later date, but all I remember is being dragged to the zoo. This story told, now that I am a parent, I'm all about finding a deal, like $5 as opposed to $25+, I also LOVE to see Micah excited and I knew he's be SO excited at the zoo. Well, we got to the zoo and couldn't find a parking place. We were rerouted to the back parking lot. It was Full too. We ended up parking on the street. We enjoyed our walk through Grant park on the way to the zoo. When we finally made it, the line was SOOOO LONG! We were sure that we'd be waiting for at least 1 hour, probably closer to 2. We thought and thought about what we should do. Stacy said he'd rather pay full price than wait in that line. Micah said he'd rather go to the aquarium. Mama thought we should spend some time at the park. That's what we did. We had a good time. We let Micah play on the playground, got some good pictures, and ended the day with a delicious lunch at The Flying Biscuit.
This is another one of Patton's new shirts that I bought from Amie. Perfect for sweet P huh?

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