Sunday, August 28, 2011

Here she is!

Within the past 3 years, we have had to replace and rebuild the transmission in Stacy's truck TWICE! It is just not strong enough to haul the amount that he hauls. When the truck began giving him problems a month ago, he thought a tune up might help. It did help as far as gas milage went, but the transmission was the issue. After A LOT of thought we decided that we'd HAVE to get him another truck. I was SO happy to not have a car payment. All of our vehicles were paid for as of a year and a half ago. In this case, there was no choice. We would have to take a risk of dishing out another $1500- $2000 for another transmission to last him Maybe another year or 2, or get a stronger truck. We went with the latter. After A LOT of searching we found the perfect truck that fit his needs and was within our budget. Here she is!

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