Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Birthday Days 2-3

Celebration weekend/ week began on Saturday night with The Cheesecake Factory. Sunday all of the family celebrated at the rent's. Daphne had been extra busy and didn't have time to make a cake so I chose a VERY chocolatey cake from Costco. It was Yummy!
I got money and gift cards. I am SOOOO excited!! I'm using my money toward our September VACATION!! I can't wait!!! Stacy got me a brand new camera. I LOVE it! I am still learning all about it, but so far it's WONDERFUL! Moday was my actual birthday and Stacy had to work. Ms. Martha treated me to a birthday lunch at Long Horns. It was delicious, but I was afraid I might not be able to walk for the rest of the day. We spent the rest of the day at the pool and ended my birthday day at Mexican for dinner. I was SO happy to have people to spend the day with. 31 is a Big step.....
Tuesday we planned to swim again. Ms. Martha, Hannah, and and us met at the pool at 1. Mama joined us at 3:00. The Rosbury's ended up coming for a pizza treat as the last "Miriam Birthday celebration week." Ms. Martha made some of the BEST homemade ice cream ever! Even though I have a hard time believing that I am 31, I had a wonderful, fun, exciting birthday celebration week.

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Cecilia said...

Happy Birthday! Your camera looks pretty awesome too.