Monday, August 29, 2011

Patton is ONE!!

It is So hard for me to believe that Patton is one! This year has flown by. I always call Patton a dream baby. He is just so easy. He is so easy going and over all a great baby. I also like to joke that Patton is the reason people have 19 children..... Not me though:) Patton's stats are as follows 21 pounds 12 ounces (75%) and he is 29 inches (25%) Keeping up with the rest of us eh? :)
Patton's celebration began on his birthday. We bought Stacy a truck. Then he (well, maybe I) choose Olive Garden for dinner. It's time for the never ending pasta bowl! Patton LOVES to eat! He ate 3 breadsticks minus all the garlic, 3 slices of tomato, and nearly half of my pasta! Man oh man what are we going to do if he keeps eating like this? I have very recently introduced him to "real food." Because he has 6 teeth I figured, why not. His favorite so far has been PW's country fried steak. He loved it and talked about it the whole time that he ate it. Patton doesn't walk yet, but can speed crawl when he wants to. (When he sees me sweeping, sees the door open to the outside, or if he hears the bath water running) He loves Micah, being outside, and sticking anything and everything in his mouth.
We celebrated Patton on Sunday. We had a good time. After just having Micah's party, Patton's was way more low key. We just ate and swam Oh my goodness did I ever have a hard time choosing my favorite pics. So beware there are a lot! First, here are the cups that I made for the guests. Aren't they cute?
Patton's cake came from Publix. I just took them the party plates and told them to match them.... Not bad eh?
Some of Patton's little friends came, and that was fun.
We had cake. Patton didn't know what to think at first. I was sure he would dig right on into the cake. It took him a few minutes, but he figured it out :)
Did you really take the cake away? I wasn't finished :(
Patton enjoyed all of the presents too. Overall we had a Great party. Thank you to Ms. Martha for taking pics, Mama and Daddy for use of their pool, Daph for being the official cake cutter, Nut and Jerms for even more pics, and Ms. Cindy for the sweet birthday bib..... Hope I'm not leaving anyone out :) We sure do have the best friends and family!! Love you all!

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Misti said...

Happy Birthday, Patton! He's so adorable!