Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Picture Day

The rules were changed this year. No one could bring items to have signed. There were posters for free that you take with you. When we heard this, we knew we wouldn't be getting any autographs this year. Stacy headed to the stadium real early anyway to get a ticket for a picture with Russ who is filling in for Uga. Me and the boys stayed home and got some much needed rest. Stacy came home, got us, and we headed to Athens. We had lunch at an old favorite The Grill. I used to Love the place, but was less than impressed on Saturday. As soon as we finished eating we headed to the stadium to wait for pics. Patton loved people watching. Micah had his ipod to keep him entertained. We waited for over an hour, but the results were priceless!
We were not rushed at all this year for pics, and I feel like I got a lot of good ones. So did the newspapers, because not only were the boys in the online versions of both the AJC and The Athens Banner Herald, but they were in the Sunday Banner Herald paper version!
After Russ pics Stacy really wanted to see a sample of the new uniforms and I really wanted a pic of the boys with Hairy. We headed upstairs. It was way less crowded than downstairs with the football players. We saw the swim team, volleyball team, and the Gym Dawgs! LOVE them! After some quick pics with Hairy (Look at P's face!) and the cheerleaders, we headed to the Gymdawgs' table.
There was no line for the Gym Dawgs. Christa Tanella asked if she could hold Patton. I had No problem with that. Before I knew it, the coach was asking if he could take a pic of them. I had no problem with that, he put the pic on Twitter and called it "Shaking hands and kissing babies. " :) Before I knew it, all of the girls wanted to hold P, so they just passed him down the line. It was so sweet!

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Cecilia said...

Very neat! Your boys are famous!