Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Micah: "Who is like God." Micah is a name I LOVE. When I was pregnant, I worked at Fort Daniel. There were over 1200 students at the time. Out of the 1200+ there was ONE Micah. I knew that I didn't want to name my child a name the same name as everyone else. I wanted my child to turn around when called, not 10 other people. Stacy didn't love the name like I did. The only Micah that he ever knew beat him up when they were little..... It took some convincing, but Micah he is. We do not come in contact with many 0ther Micahs, and the ones that we have, have been girls..... Interesting.
I have an on going list of places that kids eat free because now we have two children to feed and it's a whole lot easier to feed our family when half of us are free. One of the places on our list is one of Stacy's favorites. On Sunday night you can typically find us at Firehouse Subs. We bump into all kinds of people that we know and usually have a nice time. We've been going on Sunday nights for a while now and have gotten to know several of the workers. One girl in particular LOVES Micah. She loves how he talks, how he behaves :0 his Cheeks, and his name. This past week she got excited as soon as she saw us and made a point to tell me that she, although not even married yet is going to name he first born son Micah. She told me how much she loves him, and his name :) She told me that she's informed her boyfriend of this..... He's not set on it completely, but I'm sure he'll come around. Micah is a good name.

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