Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catch up

So my headache finally went away last Monday. It lasted over a week, WAY too long if you ask me. Last Monday we headed to watch Laura coach one of her last ball games of the season. Micah LOVED going to watch the game! He Loved the cheerleaders and wants to be one. It make me smile.... Stacy, not so much :) I keep telling him Scholarship!
Laura's team won, but we had one of the rudest men sitting behind us. He was yelling the whole time (mostly at the coaches). I wanted to slap him, but instead, I might have teared up.
Stacy was out of town so we had dinner with Nut and Jerms and I was able to chew for the first time in a long time without my head hurts. YAY!
Tuesday I woke up and was not well. Neither was Patton. I went from headache to miserable cold in one night. Patton and I took the day off of the gym to rest. Little did I know I would be sick all week.
Shortly after Micah's last hair cut, he decided (for the second time) that he needed to cut it himself. This was right before Santa pics (yes, it's been that long) Normally Micah is on an every 6 week schedule, but this time I was HOPING that his bangs would grow. Finally when the rest of his head was bushy, I made an appointment.
Look at that hair!
Afterwards we went to Red Robin. When I "checked in" I got a special that said if I spent $30 I could save $10. So of course, we wanted to save money and ordered a delicious dessert.Thursday, I tried to talk Micah into homemade Valentine cards. He didn't like my idea of "Guess Whooooo wants to be your Valentine" I did come up with a fun one though. I'm excited :)The weather has been wonderful. We have been outside a whole lot. Micah has even been helping my trim my bushes.Saturday Stacy was home for the whole day!! That is very unusual now days. We enjoyed every second of our time together. We headed to The Flying Machine for lunch. It's always been one of Micah's favorites, but Patton seemed to enjoy it as well. He growled at the planes. We spent most of Saturday at home and Saturday evening we headed over to Sarah and Kyle's for dinner. Heather and Brayden came and the boys played and had a great time. Noah is the cutest ever, and Brayden Loved walking around wearing the cat house. I am so happy these 3 get to know each other :)Sunday was the Superbowl. Party at night meant no lunch at Mama's. We planned to go to Firehouse Subs because kids eat free on Sunday. But by the time we got there, it was packed, we couldn't even get a table. Micah has been BEGGING to go to Golden Corral since he heard a commercial for the Chocolate Fountain. Stacy, being the sweet Daddy that he is, took Micah (the the rest of us) there for lunch. Micah was Beyond Excited. He was SO happy to be able to choose his own food, get not only seconds, but thirds. He kept saying "This was a feast." He LOVED the chocolate fountain and was even able to choose THREE things to dip. This whole thing is hilarious to me. It made his day. That night at the Superbowl party, he made sure to tell EVERYONE where he went for lunch. He was extra proud. Man I love that boy!We celebrated Cary's birthday. Daphne said he liked people to sing slow. He did not. This is what I saw this morning when I opened my blinds. Life is good. Oh yeah, Patton like the gym now. When I picked him up this morning this is what I found. Him sitting big eating snack with Ms. Pat. :)

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