Saturday, February 11, 2012


It's actually been a while now that Micah has been reading. Recently he has begun correcting me, every time I skip a word or change a word. (Not so cool) I am SO happy that he can read. This is really life changing. Hoping it will make for quieter car rides (who am I kidding, the boy talks all of the time unless he's sleeping) Either way, I've been proud of him for Wanting to read recently. Like I said, he's been able to, but he's stubborn. When I would let him try to read, he'd tell me "You just read it." When I picked Micah up on Monday, Mrs. Mason actually bragged on Micah's reading. Oh how happy it made me! She said that some of the children were beginning to pick up on reading, but Micah was doing very well. They are beginning to bring books home to practice reading. That made Micah so happy. He's more willing to try now. As I'm writing, Micah is Supposed to be napping, I hear his sweet voice sounding out words in a Magic Treehouse book...... In the words of my sweet Paw-Paw "He's a good un."


Matt and Kim said...

That's awesome!! His teacher next year is going to absolutely LOVE him!!!

Karen said...

Car rides may not be quiet, but it is an awesome accomplishment. I just love your boys!