Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day

We began our Valentine's morning with a Mama/boys date to Chick-fil-A for heart shaped biscuits. We NEVER go out to breakfast on school mornings, so it was a major treat for Micah. Although first thing in the morning, he checked the kitchen table to see what he got. He didn't see anything and said "I guess nobody loves me since the Valentine's person didn't bring me anything." How sad is that. Truthfully if it hadn't been for Stacy, Micah wouldn't have gotten anything. I didn't even think about buying him anything.....Maybe I was too busy making his card :)I told him that We had something for him, but it was with Daddy, and it was. Stacy bought MIcah some legos. I got Stacy a new hand truck, and Sweet Patton was excited about his balloon. Stacy knew that my small camera that I carry in my purse has pretty much lived it's life. He decided to get me a new one, but couldn't make up his mind on which one to get. He bought 2 and made me decide which one to keep. How awful is that?! I had a VERY hard time, but think that I'm happy with the one I chose.After Chick-fil-A we headed to drop Micah off. Patton was getting over pink eye, we were able to go to Micah's party. They ate, did a craft, and played. Patton Loved playing with Nicco. Micah Loved decorating a cookie ans posing for pics:)Originally we had planned to go on a date for Valentine's, but our plans changed. Stacy had to work later than expected, so instead of The Cheesecake Factory alone (I'm starting to think we're not destined to go) we went to Amici and took the boys. It was delicious, and everyone was well behaved. We rounded off our dinner with a quick stop at Scoops in Watkinsville. I think it's the only one left, and we're thinking it may not last much longer :( Overall we had a great day.

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