Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow day

Well, if it had really snowed this year, I guess Micah wouldn't have had the day off. But since it has been such a mild winter, Micah DID indeed have Friday off of school. At the last minute I decided to invite Micah's buddy Eli over. Micah was SO excited. They haven't had a play date in a while. Bright and early Friday morning they showed up ready to play. After a little while in MIcah's room, they decided to play the computer, then have a snack. and play outside. It was a beautiful morning for enjoying the outdoors. They played and played..... I'm going to insert a bit from Eli's mom's blog for your enjoyment :)

We went to their house to spend a couple of hours together on our day off. Micah's house backs up to woods that just call for boyish adventure.
Micah's dad had placed a ladder against a tree in these woods for such purposes. Micah was up high when Eli decided that he wanted to climb, too.
"Micah, I want a turn."
"Eli, it's too wobbly. You might fall and bump your head. And maybe die."
Eli looked at me completely baffled at what to do.
I told him that I believed he was brave enough (the ladder was wedged into a limb).
So Eli forged the great unknown. And succeeded.
Then Micah said he wanted a turn.
With a laugh, I asked him, "Wait a minute--what if you fall and bump your head? It is a little wobbly, you know!"
Micah's mom joked, "And you could even die!"
Micah assured us, "I'm 100 percent tough."
Eli looked at me, ready to explain: "He IS five and a half, Mommy." opposed to Eli who is only five.
Oh my goodness I LOVE it! Can you tell that we had a GREAT time?

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