Monday, June 25, 2012

Father's Day

We had a very different Father's day this year. Mama and Daddy ended up spending the night at the hospital with what Mama thought was a detached retina. The Dr. told her that it wasn't, but said that she should call her eye doctor first thing Monday morning. They had a gathering for lunch in the county. We stayed here and spent time with our little family. We took Stacy out to lunch and gave him an outfit complete with new flops, a sweet picture book, wallet, and some movie tickets. We had a nice relaxing morning and headed over to the Rent's for supper. Normally we do a cook out. This year, not only was Laura in Kosovo, but the Rosbury Clan was sick, Mama was blind in one eye.... It was very interesting to say the least. Ms. Martha and Hannah were able to join us for a swim and then we decided at 7:30 to go out to eat. Mama was pitiful, so we left her sleeping and headed out to Luigi's to eat. It was So good and although the holiday was way different, we still had a good time minus the worrying about other family members.

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